Sh!t I’m in Love With You Again

Sh!t I’m in Love With You Again

Category: One woman show


Sh!t I’m in Love With You Again is an original musical comedy about the multiple manifestations of love. This show is written and starring Toronto comedienne Rachelle Elie with musical accompaniment by musician and co-lyricist Luke Jackson. The show was dramaturged by Paul Hutcheson and choreography by Jason Franco.


Sh!t I’m in Love With You Again traverses the multiple manifestations of love starting with wide eyed youthful idealism to the challenges of marriage and parenthood. Rachelle plays the characters of her life—her parents, her therapist, her lovers and various snotty children to name a few.  An autobiographical story that is punctuated by musical interludes blending witty and captivating original tunes and 1980’s power balads. An inspired story that gleefully articulates the kind of thoughts we’ve all had in our relationships but are usually reluctant to express. Costume changes reveal a new stage of life that moves us on to the next challenge.

Running time is 60 min