Fiji Paintings

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I did these paintings while I was in Fiji for three months while my hubby was doing a locum near the capital city of Suva. I learned how to scuba dive and spent hours upon hours painting these canvases. It was my first attempt at large canvases and these pieces really surprised me.  Half way through our visit we went to Australia and I witnessed the Kluge-Ruhe collection of Australian Aboriginal Art in Sydney. I  was amazed by the art work and realized I was doing an art form that had been discovered by ancient tribes. I was further reinforced by my  own approach to painting. The aboriginal artists were working from intuition, resulting in dynamic and expressive creations. I had  been approaching my craft this way  for years, not only in the visual arts but also in performance. I returned to Fiji and  completed this series of paintings I call the “Fiji Works”.