Self Reflections Part 1

Category: Drawings


A lot of these drawings were done during the three year period where my family and I were travelling to Kenya. It was more challenging at that time to sit down in front of a canvas for hours so I travelled with a pad of high quality paper, some pens and a little paint palette. Any moment I had I would sit and draw. Nothing makes a boring conversation more exciting than a pad of paper and pens! My husband and I first bonded over cappucino’s and drawing pads so he is used to me drawing at social gatherings. I approached these drawings the same way I approach a canvas. No plan in mind but it seems the faces are what I enjoy drawing the most. I try as much as I can to not judge this. Art is one area of my life where I try to give into to my muse and where she wants to take me I go! Colour is where my risks happen.